Good, Good Father?

Every time this song came on the radio, I would cry out to God in my distress. Just like the Psalmist and every preacher and Sunday school teacher and worship song had taught me to do. And God did not answer.

People Are Not Issues

One frustrating thing about following this general conference from afar is the tendency to view people as issues. They are not. People are people. Treating them as debate points strips them of their humanity and robs the conversation of grace.

Open Doors

Look, there are lots of gay relationships that are unhealthy, destructive, and sinful. But guess what? There are also a ton of straight relationships that are unhealthy, destructive, and sinful. Neither has anything to do with the orientation of the partners. Rather, it has everything to do with how those partners treat one another and how they care for that relationship.


Part III – A Different View

And it's time we stopped worrying about who is condemned, and started working with the God that is in the business of redeeming: man and woman; Jew and Gentile; gay and straight; black, white, brown, and every other color of the rainbow. I know this is messy. I know it is uncomfortable. It's supposed to be. Because anything worth having is worth struggling over.

Part II – “The Bible Clearly Says”

You know, Jesus never promised us a book that would guide us in all things. He promised us a Spirit.

I Am Done With Being a Coward

If you believe that God condemns a person for loving a person of the same sex, then your God is my Devil.