Into the Light

Into the Light

Into_the_Light_Cover_for_KindleIn Paperback or for Kindle

A group of people with nothing in common…except they are dead, find themselves on a voyage through a strange land toward a mysterious mountain.They don’t know where they’re going.

They may never arrive.

They have to learn to work together or else they may all fail…

…and if they fail…

…they will be stranded forever…

…in the darkness.

This haunting first novel will stay with you long after you’ve read it.


“This is a book about faith. It is also a tale that sends an important message: it’s never too late to change and to find one’s true way; it’s never too late to find the light.”
~Mayra Calvani

Full Review from Mayra Calvani

It is truly a fantastic book that incorporated details and characters you would never think would be in a book like this.

~Kayla Weeks

Full Review from Kayla Weeks


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