Mark 6 – It’s a dinosaur!

Jesus has been preaching and healing, healing and preaching. And it's going well. We are now past the point where he's a hipster messiah that only the "cool" sick people know about. People are coming from miles around to watch him do his thing. And then, things get really weird. I'm not going to quote the whole … Continue reading Mark 6 – It’s a dinosaur!


Mark 5: Suffering from many doctors

The truth is, the Church has a long history of excluding undesirables, sometimes altogether, sometimes from leadership, and sometimes relegating them to second class status. People whose skin color is the wrong shade. People who are the wrong gender. People who love wrong.

We are not nearly as evolved from these first century Jews as we'd like to think.

Mark 1: Jesus the Reluctant Healer

This whole healing people thing? It was actually kind of a distraction to his main mission. It brought sick people out of the woodwork, not to hear about a Kingdom, but just for the chance to be touched by him and escape the pain and drudgery of their everyday lives.
And these hurting people? They interrupted his sermons all the time. One guy even busted in through the roof of the house Jesus was preaching at. It was really bad, you guys!
Who could possible preach under those kind of conditions?