Mark 13: Apocalypse as preparation

When you look at these kids from Stoneman Douglas, and you marvel at their ability to not put up with bullshit non-answers from politicians, what you are actually seeing is the fruit of that same “entitlement mentality” you’ve been bitching about. They feel entitled to real answers. And they are right.

Mark 12: Whose stuff is it?

The religious leaders in Jesus’s day get a lot of grief from us modern church folks, and for good reason. But I will give them one thing: they were generally pretty self-aware. When Jesus ripped into them, even obliquely in a parable, they generally picked up on it. Maybe we should take a lesson. Then … Continue reading Mark 12: Whose stuff is it?

Mark 11: What is up with that fig tree?

I don't like the impulsiveness of it, and it feels like it tells the wrong lesson. Cursing a tree for not bearing fruit *during the time of year when it isn't even supposed to be bearing fruit?* That's really weird! And it doesn't seem to line up the Jesus I know. So I don't like the fig tree story, no matter how much "context" I put it in. But do you know what? I think that's okay. Because... Wait. Are you sitting down, Mom?

Go Forth and Resonate

Hey there. Long time, no blog. I plan on getting back to blogging through Mark soon, but first I wanted to post a little personal news and share a little story about it. The news is that Sakina and I have been going to this storefront Wesleyan church called Resonate since last Fall. It’s been a … Continue reading Go Forth and Resonate

Mark 10: What does love look like?

This quote from Dr. King keeps coming up in my timeline: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Honestly, this is a quote I adore, and have adored forever, because it is beautiful and succinct and *true*. But it is a quote I am beginning to hate. Because it is misunderstood and misused, and makes love feel so damn *easy*.

Mark 9: They were afraid to ask him

To misunderstand what Jesus is saying to us is so very human. It is so very us. To be afraid of approaching Jesus for fear of how he will react is heartbreaking. But also so very human, and so very us.