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Jesus is all outta bubblegum

Jesus's message to the power brokers of the day is pretty clearly that he is all outta bubblegum. He is here to announce that change is coming -- indeed, that it is here, that it is at hand -- that there is a new way of doing things, and it is going to disturb their conventions, it will not align with their agendas, and it will flip just about every apple carp of expectation they have ever built.

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Jesus the Reluctant Healer

This whole healing people thing? It was actually kind of a distraction to his main mission. It brought sick people out of the woodwork, not to hear about a Kingdom, but just for the chance to be touched by him and escape the pain and drudgery of their everyday lives. And these hurting people? They interrupted his sermons all the time. One guy even busted in through the roof of the house Jesus was preaching at. It was really bad, you guys! Who could possible preach under those kind of conditions?

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bible

Can you keep a secret? There came a point, a couple years ago, when I came to hate reading the Bible. So, for all intents and purposes, I stopped. We were doing a Disciple Bible Study at our local United Methodist Church, and the further we got into it, the angrier I got at the… Continue reading How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bible


Two Misconceptions Blocking A Way Forward

Jesus just don't like division and infighting. Jesus likes unity. It was his prayer for us. So it is incumbent upon us to do all in our power to reconcile these differences if at all possible. To do that, both "sides" are going to have to let go of a misconception.

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People Are Not Issues

One frustrating thing about following this general conference from afar is the tendency to view people as issues. They are not. People are people. Treating them as debate points strips them of their humanity and robs the conversation of grace.

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On Romans 1

Wherefore is the Therefore there for?